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We bring the mountain to you!

Our 25 ft. mobile climbing walls provide a safe, fun, realistic rock climbing experience that up to four climbers can use simultaneously right at your school, church, park, home or business. We provide beginner, intermediate or advanced routes to suit all abilities. Climbers as young as four years, and over seventy, have enjoyed our climbing walls!

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Our Mobile Climbing Walls
are Great for:

  • • School Carnivals & Field Days
  • • Block Parties
  • • Church Carnivals & Outreach
  • • Grand Openings
  • • Fairs & Festivals
  • • Company Parties
  • • Team Building Workshops
  • • Birthday Parties
  • • Fundraisers
  • • And More!!!

Rock Walls

Space Requirements

The climbing wall is mounted on a trailer pulled by our truck and erected with self-contained hydraulics. We need a flat surface area of about 20 ft. x 40 ft. and 27 ft. vertical clearance, clear of wires or overhanging tree limbs. A parking lot, grass, driveway, gravel, cul-de-sac, any flat area that has vehicle access will work. Ten ft. wide clearance for gate entry is needed. Set-up and take-down can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes.

About the Wall

Our 25 ft. high realistic climbing towers, molded from real rock, have four simultaneous climbing routes (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The auto-belay system provides the latest technology to ensure your safety. Staff is included to deliver, set up and operate your climbing wall.