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Our EuroBungy trampolines will propel you to thrilling heights!

Looking for adventure and excitement to attract and entertain a large group of people? Rock It Up is Arizona's leader in innovative, exciting and safe outdoor entertainment since 1998. We offer mobile climbing walls, bungee trampolines, combo units, and now, mobile zip lines!

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Our EuroBungy Trampolines can propel jumpers up to 30 ft. in the air! Exciting power jumping is safe and thrilling for all ages. Plan on having this attraction draw large crowds... It's a blast!!! Order online now.

The EuroBungy is one of the most exiting mobile attractions available anywhere. The Bungee Trampoline fascinates adults and children alike; it allows everyone (from 20-200 lbs.), even those with no experience, to jump safely up to 30 ft. in the air, without the risk associated with standard trampolines.

Bungee Trampolines

Space Requirements

36 ft. x 36 ft. space required - grass, concrete, gravel or any other hard, level surface with a 32 ft. overhead vertical clearance, clear of wires or overhanging tree limbs. A parking lot, grass, driveway, gravel, cul-de-sac, any flat area that has vehicle access will work. Ten ft. wide clearance for gate entry is needed.

About the Eurobungy

One to four jump stations available depending on your needs and budget. Each jump station is manned by a trained staff person. Lifting hoist and bungee cords help the jumper reach new heights in a controlled environment. Bungee and hoist systems allow the jumper to perform front or back flips safely.